Abrus precatorius L. seed extracts antimicrobial properties agints clinically important bacteria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:V. Bobbarala, Vadlapudi V.
Journal:International Journal of PhamaTech Research
Start Page:1115
Date Published:Oct-Dec/2009
Type of Article:Pharmaceutical science
Keywords:Abrus precatorius, Antibacterial activity, Medicinal plants, Methanol extract, Well diffusion assay

In vitro antibacterial activities of hexane, chloroform and methanolic crude extracts of Abrus precatorius seeds
were tested against ten clinical isolates using the agar well diffusion technique. Hexane, chloroform and methanolic extracts
were obtained using the soxhlet extractor on A. precatorius seeds. To measure the MIC values, various concentrations of the
stock, 500, 250, 100, 75, 50, 35, 25 and 12microg/ml were assayed against the test bacteria. At the different concentrations of
the extracts used (500microg/ml-4microg/ml), Enterococcus faecalis was the most resistant organism. Methanolic seed
extracts were potent when compared with hexane and chloroform extracts. This study demonstrates that A. precatorius
particularly the seed methanolic extracts has a potent antimicrobial activity. The results supported the ethno botanical use of
seed parts of A. precatorius for the treatment of various bacteria-related diseases.

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